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06/11/2015 15:10

For over 3 decades, Epsilon Electronics Inc. has been a leader inside the audio and video products for use inside home and inside car. With the organization being founded inside the year 1983, Epsilon Electronics has received their great amount of trials and tribulations to acquire to where they are today. Searching for more info associated with Epsilon Electronics Inc.. They are experts in products for that automotive audio and in the mid 90s were 1 of 2 U.S. based manufacturers to compete inside category of inside their category.

In order being competitive, Epsilon Electronics Inc. has initiated multiple video products, helping them achieve a large portion of the global share of the market targeting the young, evolving segment. They have acquired huge contracts from popular brands like Kenwood simply because they distinguish Epsilon Electronics' products to be of higher quality than those of these competitors'.

Epsilon Electronics Inc. owes their success largely mainly because they have an in-house staff for research and development. This gives them a huge competitive advantage since it allows their products to get innovative and never generic and pre-fabricated. Epsilon prides itself on being one of many true manufacturers of car car stereo products within the United States. Epsilon Electronics Inc. can be an umbrella company with six brands rolling around in its portfolio. Each of these brands targets another demographic and industry.